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Acrylic Painting (Horse in Front of Texas Flag)

Horse in Front of Texas Flag (Acrylic)
Acrylic Painting (Color Theory Painting) Blocks of Red, Yellow, Blue, Yellow-Green, and White
Color Theory (Acrylic)
Oil Painting of a Landscape in the countryside during the early fall
Landscape (Oil)
Oil Painting of a Texas Still Life (Brown Cowboy Hat and Texas Boot against a white background)
Texas Still Life (Oil)
Oil Painting of an Abstract Texas Flag (three panels: blue with star, white, and red)
Abstract Texas Flag (Oil)
Oil Painting of a Horse in front of a barn scene trying to replicate a painting by Wesley Dennis
Master Copy
"From One Grouch to Another" by Wesley Dennis (Oil)
Watercolor of a joke. Two horses at a microphone singing and a pony stretching it's head to reach the microphone.
Joke Painting 
Why couldn't the pony sing? He was a little horse. (Watercolor)
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