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Raster (Wanted poster for the company Apple)
Digital painting/Raster (Illustration for Sherlock Holmes story, hand pulling back red curtain to see a carriage being pulled by two horses)
Digital painting/Raster (Illusrtation for a short story called "The Magic Thread," forest scene with bay horse laying on the ground next to saddlebags on the left and a white horse standing with the magic thread at its feet on the right)
Vector (Imaginary new logo for Breyer horses)
Vector (Collecting the Past logo)
Vector (JMF graphic designer main logo)
Wanted Apple Poster (Raster)
Sherlock Holmes Illustration
"Scandal in Bohemia" (Digital Painting/Raster)
"The Magic Thread"
(Digital Painting/Raster)
Breyer Rebrand 
New Logo
Original Game
"Collecting the Past"
My Identity
Primary Logo
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