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Vector (Imaginary New Logo for Breyer horses)
Breyer Rebrand
New Logo
Actual logo for Breyer horses
Original Logo
Image of new actual box with horse
Image of new actual box (Shows left side and front of box)
Image of new actual box (Shows right side and back of box)
New Packaging
Previous Package (Bag)
Original Packaging


This was for a project for package design, which was a class I took at Oklahoma Baptist University. The assignment was to pick a package that was lacking and not advertising the product very well. I also had to change the logo. 

I picked one of the Mystery Stablemate Packages because I thought the bag had three problems. First, it did not seem to protect the horse inside it very well. Second, it decreases sales because you can feel the package to figure out which horse is in the package. Third, the package went immediately into the trash.

I changed the packaging to a box because it would protect the horse better, it would increase sales because the customer cannot feel which horse is in the box, and it can be played with which would reduce waste.

For the logo, I kept the same colors because it is what the customers are used to. I used a sans-serif font, like the old logo, because it is easy to read and it is clean and modern looking. The horse I used is a vector version of the first horse that Breyer made.
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